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Issue NGN Virtual Debit Cards

An API to issue debit cards without needing a bank or a third-party processor. Issue cards to customers, employees, stakeholders or just about anyone. From anywhere in Africa.

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Built For Developers

Our platform is built with developers in mind, rather than merely for them. We've made it so your team won't have to spend months integrating payment features from various platforms. The process of issuing cards is made simple by our bullet-proof RESTful API, which is backed by clear and concise technical documentation. To provide a pleasant connection, our requests make use of basic JSON calls with clear, informative success and error answers.

Full API reference
                curl -X POST "https://whitelabel.justwallet.com/phoenixpro/api/virtual_cards/create"
                -H "Accept: application/json"
                -H "Authorization: Bearer {api_key}"
                -d "{
                    "amount": "10000",
                    "currency": "NGN",
                    "account_id": "81a2d700-60e4-4211-983e-2b2da5536853",

What we offer

Phoenix Issuing gives you access to better expense management, an opportunity to create new revenue lines and new businesses.

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Card creation fee


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Card Anonymity

Virtual cards can be registered under any name and at any physical address, allowing you to make transactions without disclosing your personal information.

Purchasing Process Secrecy

You are not obliged to submit personal information (ID, address, etc.) while making a purchase, and you can utilize anonymous payment methods such as cryptocurrencies.

Worldwide Access

Our customers can purchase a virtual card in any country and use it practically anywhere that accepts prepaid Visa and Mastercard.


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Today is the day to start building the financial services!

Our open API platform enables you to programmatically control strong financial functions, create new world-class experiences, and securely interface with other services.

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