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(Flutterwave API) Virtual Card

Virtual card reselling software aimed at those that want a platform to sell and resell virtual cards through API. It supports only NGN or USD as supported currencies. Flutterwave api was used, so its very simple to setup in less than 5 minutes. It comes with documentations for instructions on how a developer can integrate your virtual card api to their own software and resell. We added a simulator to ensure developers can test for OTP and transaction charges webhook. It's has an affiliate system for marketing purposes. A reward system thats rewards affiliates with money when referrals buys a virtual cards first time. System was rebuilt from ground up with card details, Flutterwave api keys encrypted for security purposes and to keep the system PCI complaint. Supports mobile app development but if you need access to the postman workspace or want us to help you build an app using flutter, you can contact us. Has been redesigned for better ux, improved for virtual card reselling and will enable start your virtual card reselling business in no time.

New Changes

  1. API endpoints for mobile app development: You can now build apps for software as api endpoints are now available on pro version.
  2. Webhook simulator
  3. Documentation for virtual card reselling program
  4. New UI
  5. Faster performance and efficiency
  6. Manual crypto deposit support
  7. Improve security 
  8. Optimised user and frontend codes for efficiency and load time
  9. Revamped deposit, bank transfer, payout emails.
  10. Switched to cron jobs for all virtual card transaction updates
  11. Emails are now sent with queues
  12. Improved software UX
  13. Secured KYC document upload

Please Note

Flutterwave does not suport account creation for USA, You can create account for other countries, fund account and set it as debit currency via admin, with this you can use script without issues. If you are not satisfied with flutterwave api that was used to buid this software, you can always hire us to change it with an api that suites you and your business. If you are from the US, you can't use this script as flutterwave does not support US accounts


User Login

Email:[email protected]

Password: junejune

Created: 2024/07/19

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL: https://whitelabel.justwallet.com/phoenixpro/admin

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

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