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Investment software that help customers buy and sell stocks

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Stock Buy & Sell Platform

Powerful stock trading software that leverages the Leeway API to provide up-to-date stock data. The admin has the flexibility to generate revenue through investment fees and sales commissions, and also has control over the duration during which users can sell stocks. Additionally, the admin can curate a list of recommended stocks and manage user access to specific stock options. The software employs a cronjob to ensure that the closing prices of active stocks are consistently updated. If you desire alternative stock data APIs or wish to incorporate additional features such as bonds, you can schedule a meeting to receive a customized quote. The software seamlessly supports multiple exchanges. Software supports multiple exchanges below;

1. Stockholm Exchange

2. Taiwan OTC Exchange

3. Budapest Stock Exchange

4. Chilean Stock Exchange

5. Lusaka Stock Exchange

6. Egyptian Exchange

7. Malawi Stock Exchange

8. Istanbul Stock Exchange

9. Hanover Exchange

10. Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

11. Johannesburg Exchange

12. Berlin Exchange

13. Saudi Arabia Exchange

14. Shenzhen Exchange

15. Oslo Stock Exchange

16. Nigerian Stock Exchange

17. Iceland Exchange

18. London IL

19. Hamburg Exchange

20. Uganda Securities Exchange

21. Euronext Paris

22. Nairobi Securities Exchange

23. Ghana Stock Exchange

24. Toronto Exchange

25. Sao Paolo Exchange

26. Korea Stock Exchange

27. Colombo Stock Exchange

28. Irish Exchange

29. Philippine Stock Exchange

30. Shanghai Exchange

31. NASDAQ Exchange

32. Vietnam Stocks

33. Euronext Brussels

34. Bucharest Stock Exchange

35. Thailand Exchange

36. NYSE Exchange

37. XETRA Exchange

38. Prague Stock Exchange 

39. London Exchange

40. Jakarta Exchange

41. TSX Venture Exchange

42. Copenhagen Exchange

43. Regional Securities Exchange

44. Victoria Falls Stock Exchange

45. NEO Exchange

46. Taiwan Exchange

47. Munich Exchange

48. Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange

49. Zagreb Stock Exchange

50. Botswana Stock Exchange 

51. Buenos Aires Exchange

52. Frankfurt Exchange

53. Dusseldorf Exchange

54. Mexican Exchange

55. Bolsa de Valores de Lima

56. Madrid Exchange


58. Australia Exchange

59. SIX Swiss Exchange

60. Athens Exchange

61. Luxembourg Stock Exchange

62. Helsinki Exchange

63. Karachi Stock Exchange

64. Kuala Lumpur Exchange

65. Stuttgart Exchange

66. Stock Exchange of Mauritius

67. Vienna Exchange

68. Warsaw Stock Exchange

69. Casablanca Stock Exchange

70. Euronext Lisbon

71. Euronext Amsterdam

72. Tel Aviv Exchange

73. Rwanda Stock Exchange


  • Multi language support
  • Login OTP
  • Advanced KYC (personal, document and selfie upload)
  • Add Bank accounts
  • Social Logins
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Payout Management
  • Deposit Management
  • Staff Management
  • Investment plans Management
  • 2fa Authentication
  • Phone & Email verification
  • Recaptcha
  • Next of Kin
  • Referral System - Investment waiver fee
  • Amazing UX
  • Help Center System
  • Blog System
  • Livechat support
  • Analytics support
  • Multiple Email Templates
  • Job Queueing if needed, all emails are sent with queue incase queuing is needed
  • Investment Cron jobs
  • Interface controls
  • Social links
  • Terms, privacy policy
  • Twilio Integration for sms
  • Audit Logs for Admin
  • Improved Promotion system for admin
  • System is built for scaling

Demo Frontend:

Admin Access:

Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: 1234

User Access:

User Login:Email: [email protected] || Password: junejune

Created: 2024/07/18

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL:

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

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