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Stripe Connect Payment Solution

Payment solutions all have different models which is why one product can't solve it all. The stripe connect version is aimed at automated onboarding & payouts. Many clients don't seem to quite understand what stripe connect is all about. It's not the regular stripe account where funds go to your stripe account. On stripe connect all users on your account will be issued a custom connected account. All funds received through a connected account of a customer will go to that connected account and not your main stripe balance. This comes with ease to verify customer identity, collect charges & process payouts automatically. I know you are wondering, but yes you can still collect charges from a stripe-connected account. Payout in stripe connect takes 7 days to process directly to a bank account. The stripe connect version comes with an invoice & customer management system, subscription system, and better UI built with livewire for a smooth and better experience. We will always talk about the downsides that follow. stripe connects version limits it to one currency per business account, a user can only have a connected account on stripe with one currency. To avoid issues with stripe one must use only stripe-supported countries, for example;  European countries, the United Kingdom, & United States. Are bothered about refunds, like how it works, we added a refund fee that will be charged to any connected account that requests refunds as fees for processing refunds are taken from your stripe balance.

This is a payment solution software that takes payment collection to the next level. It makes the generation of payment links with different currencies easy. For integration, it gives room for API checkout, HTML checkout, INLINE JS, and plugins. Software combines lots of APIs to make things work, for example; Flutterwave card API was used for card payment, Flutterwave virtual card API was used for issuing cards.As you read through this documentation, we will explain what you need to do to get this application running. Special features include, client have options to choose who pays charges, admin can add multiple languages, maintenance mode(logs out all users and blocks login), team and roles for admin workers, email templates and message configuration, knowledge base, pricing, preloaders, easily handles big data, Webhooks, card analytics, two-factor authentication, API documentation for different integrations.

Test Cards


  1. Card number - 4242 4242 4242 4242
  2. Date - 12/32
  3. CVV - 123
  4. 4.  OTP - 012345

User login

Email: [email protected]

Password: junejune


Created: 2024/07/19

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL:

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

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