Giftcard buy & sell

Plaid is a Giftcard buying & selling software.

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Giftcard buy & sell

Giftcard buying & selling software. It was built for those in the business of buying & selling digital & physical giftcard from clients. We made effort to ensure plaid supports multiple countries with different variations of giftcards. Using this script you can upload different types of giftcard, tailored to what country you want it to be available, you can provide different rates you want to buy or sell for example $10, $25, $50. 

User login

Email: [email protected]

Password: junejune

Only $10 of any giftcard is available for purchase(test purposes)


Created: 2024/07/19

Framework: Laravel

Admin URL:

Admin username: admin

Admin password: 1234

Create an account for full experience

  • KYC
  • Livechat - supports any livechat service
  • Next Settlement - Extends pending payouts
  • Recaptcha by Google
  • Automated Emails
  • Works with any email service - Read the documentation to set this up properly
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Support Multiple countries for Giftcards
  • Supports Digital and Physical Giftcards
  • Supports Multiple Rates
  • Configure Admin login URL
  • Detailed Statistics For Admin
  • Supports upload of multiple giftcards
  • Rate calculator
  1. Server: Apache Server
  2. Php Version: v7.3+ | v8.0+
  3. Recommended Hosting Company: Any Hosting Company with standard Cpanel
  4. Php extensions: file_info, curl, mysqli
  5. Shared Hosting plan is recommended


- Added rate calculator

- Added multiple gift card upload

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